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Welcome to the assessment page for
the Private Counseling in Scuol.

Very soon, you will be coming to Scuol, and I look forward to spending time with you in beautiful nature. 

So many scientific studies confirm that counseling outdoors and while walking leads to higher success rates in counseling. I know this to be true, but what I find equally important is that my counseling format is much more enjoyable and natural.   

I'm sure you will be happy about your choice to retreat and your counseling experience already starts here with these files.


Note that I only need your answers the day before we meet. 


I encourage you to use this pre-work to become more aware of yourself, your situation, and your troubles. Try to be present when making the assessment but without overthinking the questions. 


If some assessments are familiar to you because you have been a client before, I kindly ask you to do them still.

Assessment 1:
Please click this link and answer the questions online. It’s confidential and your answers only come to me. You will be asked to fill in my email address:



Next step, please make assessments 2 & 3, and write the answers on the "My Summary File."

That same file has additional questions. With this, I inform you that you are invited and not obliged to answer the questions. 


Assessment 2:

Respond to the questions in the file called: "Conflicts Detector." It shouldn't take you more than 5 Minutes.





Assessment 3:

Find your Irrational Beliefs in the file called: "Irrational Beliefs." This assessment may take 20-30 Minutes of your time.

My Summary File:

Email me if you have questions

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