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Welcome to the assessment page for

the Private Counseling in Scuol.



This pre-work may already help you view the problems with more clarity, and it will help me to strategize the focus towards your goals.

If some assessments are familiar to you because you have been a client before, please still do them.

Please take Assessments 1 & 2 first, and write the answers on the "My Summary File".

That same file has additional questions for you. Please send it to me when you have answered them. However, please note that you are not obliged to answer the questions.

Assessment 1:
Respond to the questions in the file called: Conflicts Detector. This shouldn't take you more than 5 Minutes.



Assessment 2:
Find your Irrational Beliefs in the file called: Irrational Beliefs. This Assessment may take 20-30 Minutes of your time.

My Summary File:

Email me if you have questions

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