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Welcome to the assessment page for

the Intensive Couseling in Scuol.



This pre-work may help you view the problems more clearly and help me strategize the focus toward your goals. 


If some assessments are familiar to you because you have been a client before, please still do them, as your thoughts may be in a different place today.

Assessment 1:
Please click this link and answer the questions online. It’s confidential, and your answers only come to me. You will be asked to fill in my email address:

Assessment 2:
If you have been a client before, you may know this assessment; however, I kindly ask you to reflect again and share your thoughts today but ignore the last two questions.




Assessment 3:
Find your Irrational Beliefs in the "Irrational Beliefs" file, and write them down in the "2 more questions" file, where you will also see a question about your birth order.

Assessment 4:

Make a short trip down memory lane to your childhood for the
questions in this document.

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Email me if you have questions

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