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I am rooted but I flow

This premium counseling program will clear out your negative patterns
and adopt a mindset that cultivates loving relationships,
inner peace and the creation of a meaningful life.

The Art of Living Abroad

Tell me what you believe a very good life would look like and you'll receive a free 30-minute session to enquire if my premium support will get you there.

Martina Famos

Counseling for


    10 definite reasons why this premium program brings you positive and sustainable results:


  • The premium care will help you solve your problems guaranteed.

  • You will be guided through a natural process of deleting negative patterns and to becoming confident and happy to be the person you are.

  • The outstanding support takes you to complete a circle of successful transformation.

  • All insightful exercises are to your lifetime use. You will never again go back to that bad same place you are in now.

  • You save a lot of money with your engagement from home.

  • You invest in a lifetime support. All 10 modules are at your disposal on the web.

  • With positive psychology, the focus is on your strengths and potentials.

  • The counseling program exceeds the financial value individually scheduled sessions can provide and gives your investment the lifetime benefit of using the material as much and often as you want.

The 10 Modules of the ART Premium Program :


Module 1: The Meaning of Life

Assess your life overall and become clear on how to make it more fulfilling and meaningful.


Module 2 - 4: A Clean Sweep

95% of what we do is unconscious. Learn what you do that seems to not get you where you want.


Module 5: The Freedom of Choice

Learn to break free from disturbing patterns.


Module 6 & 7: Self-Appreciation

Come to see and value what is unique and special about yourself.


Module 8 & 9: The Genuine Rules of Happiness

Create emotional stability by meeting challenges with an empowering mindset.


Module 10: Embrace the Future

Make most days your best days!

Here is what's included:


  • You will receive 6 recordings of 112 minutes in total. These recordings are to your lifetime use. They help you understand the principles of psychology that bring happiness and confidence. Whenever you are confused or insecure, you can listen to them again to gain back your confidence and positive attitude.


  • The readings are about 120 minutes in total. They are for your general understanding of what life is about. If one day in the future you feel you lose focus on what truly matters, you can get inspired any time and feel again clear about your choices in life.


  • Instead of paying me to make exercises with you during the sessions, I'm sending you the exercises home. You can do them at your pace and with the diligence, you find necessary. However, there are 10 exercises in documents, questionnaires, and video format. That's a total of 620 minutes of exercises. The outcomes are helping you understand yourself tremendously and will always be an invaluable resource for your self-awareness and ongoing self-growth.


  • 10 private sessions of 60 minutes for discussing your individual case and finding solutions that work for your particular issues.


  • Our private sessions can be recorded. You can listen to what we discussed during the sessions whenever and how often you want. We will discuss a lot during those 600 minutes we spend 1:1, and much of what we speak will help you again in the future. If you listen to it only once, you will already double the value of the 1:1 sessions.


  • You'll have my support in between the sessions by unlimited emails and 3 phone calls for urgent matters.


  • All flipchart papers will be sent digitally to use as a great reminder and overview of the hot topic.


  • The appointments are reserved in advance. We don't lose valuable time with finding free slots.


  • There are 4 extra bonuses for you in this program. They are an extra help and source of information that support you greatly during your journey throughout the program and for the future.


You invest one time and you have this program with you forever. You can review all hot topics whenever an issue has revisited.

Extra Bonuses:


Bonus 1. A document with over 200 human qualities for assisting you in finding strengths you have, but never thought of.

Bonus 2. A document with over 200 emotions, negative and positive ones, to help you embrace what you feel and build constructive inner and outer dialogues about your feelings.


Bonus 3. A list of very good books to read, that are in line with what you have learned.

Bonus 4. An extra exercise for whom believes in magic.


Receive a free 30-minute session to learn more about this program.


This premium program is for people who

believe they have more to give to others

and more to receive for themselves.

Martina Famos

Certified Adlerian Counselor

Kronenstrasse 48, 8006 Zürich

My mission is to contribute to a community of confident and self-competent people, whose interest is to act with positive intentions inside their circle and out to the world.

My Premium Program takes you through a process to uncover your belief system that is stopping you from having what you want in life, and from being who you want to be. I offer means to crack the codes at the source to propel you towards experiencing yourself, life and your relationships the way you wish.


About me

I was raised as a hotel child, surrounded by staff members from many different European countries and by customers from all over the world.

I’m named after my hometown, which is in the border triangle of Switzerland, Austria, and Italy.


The intercultural atmosphere in which I was raised has formed my natural talent of understanding different cultures, the clashes that can potentially arise when people have other sociological aspects and has set the groundwork for me to contribute to a peaceful multicultural society.


For over ten years I had my own event production company and for several years I was co-owning and managing the production for an international action sports publishing company with employees from 11 different countries. In my life I have been studying, fair-trading, working on humanitarian projects, or traveling for sports events in the countries of Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Ecuador, Argentina, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Thailand, China, Japan and New Zealand.


In my forties, I've changed my career to become a certified Adlerian counselor. Alfred Adler’s psychology is often referred to as “positive psychology.”  


Active Rational Transformation is a program I have developed to efficiently help my clients, which are men and women who place their identity with the global community.

Their human needs are equal to the needs of all, but his or her global lifestyle creates specific tests of life. I have guided nearly 2’000 Expats in helping to understand their difficulties, and to proactively creating more useful goals, that ultimately lead to a happier, and more peaceful life.


My husband, his son, and daughter are from Senegal, while my son is half Cuban. We're a family from 3 continents, speaking to each other in Raeto-Rumanic, Wolof, German, French, and Spanish. Our kids are between 9 and 12 years old.

I love the international atmosphere at home, in my community, and at work. Although I'm proudly an “Engiadinaisa”, and strongly rooted in The Engadine Valley, I am first and foremost a world-citizen.


My aim is to generate progressive and innovative means for contributing to a well-functioning society, where treating each other with dignity and respect is attained by constructive thoughts and actions.

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