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Begin a learning journey

to experience a loving, trusting, and affectionate marriage:


This Package is a structured transformational journey giving you the most efficient and

goal-oriented counseling possible.

Commitment is the most important ingredient when you want to achieve a goal. This Package helps you to stay committed.

  • Invest 2'480 CHF in the foundation of a longlasting marriage.

  • Have a 60-minute introductory session for free.

  • 10 pre-booked sessions of 90 minutes each.

  • 7 learnings as MP3 format of 137 minutes in total. They help you understand the principles of psychology that bring happiness and confidence.

  • 120 minutes of readings. They are for your general understanding of what life is about to keep the focus on what truly matters and be clear about your choices in life.

  • 10 exercises in documents, questionnaires, and video format. That's a total of 620 minutes of exercise. As a result, they help you understand yourself tremendously, and will always be an invaluable resource for your self-awareness and ongoing self-growth.


  • 10 private sessions of 90 minutes each for discussing your individual case and finding solutions that work for your particular goals.

  • Unlimited emails and 3 phone calls for urgent matters.

  • All flipchart papers will be sent digitally to use as a great reminder and overview of each topic.

  • The appointments are reserved in advance. No loss of valuable counseling time for finding free slots.


Impressum: Martina Famos, Certified Adlerian Counselor SGfB / AFI, Marriage Rescue Retreats - Private Crisis Interventions: /

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