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The Purpose of Emotions

Welcome to Module 2!

In the document of Module 1 called: "What is Adlerian", I mentioned the following:
Adler's theory is a holistic psychology that focuses on the goals and purposes of human behavior.
In Module 2, I want you to become aware of your goal-oriented behavior.

The question is no longer WHY do I do what I do!

Now, as an Adlerian client, the question becomes WHAT FOR do I do what I do.


WHAT FOR is the boy in the background picture handing a gift to the girl?

To be liked? To have attention? For her to be nice to him? To come even?

All our actions have a purpose and even our emotions do!

Your exercise for this Module is to dive into the document "The Purpose of Emotions" to detect which emotions you use to attain which goal / result.

(The Emotional Competence is an extra document containing about 200 emotions and is to your support during this program should you struggle to find the right words for your feelings).


Warm regards



The Purpose of Emotions

Extra file:

The Emotional Competence

Email me if you have questions.

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