Welcome to Module 2!

In the readings of Module 1 called: „What is Adlerian“, I mentioned the following:

Adler’s theory is a holistic psychology that focuses on the goals and purposes of human behavior. 


In Module 2, I want you to start becoming aware of your goal-oriented behavior. One possibility to recognize it is by understanding „what for“ are you feeling „which“ emotions.


Look at the picture in the background. Both feel an emotion. The boy's emotion has the goal to attend the girl's attention by showing excitement. That is, if not overstretched, a constructive way of receiving attention.

Wanting to achieve results with negative emotions, is ultimately not leading to a desired circumstance. Nevertheless, we sometimes don't realize how we use emotions, and we are not conscious of having a purpose in feeling them.


Dive in the document "The Purpose of Emotions", and learn to understand which emotions you use to attain which goal / result.


You can also access your second bonus file. It contains about 200 emotions. I find it fascinating, that every human being is experiencing all of them, which is why we are capable of feeling empathy.

Our society is deficient in expressing feelings verbally. This document is helping you in being more exact and detailed in putting your emotions into words. It's one of the ways to avoid being misunderstood.


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The Purpose of Emotions

The Purpose of Emotions

Bonus File:

The Emotional Competence

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