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Martina Famos -

Counseling for Internationals

The Genuine Tendency

of Personality (GPI)

Welcome to Module 3!



There are 2 things I encourage you to do this week:


1) Answer the questionnaire on this link:



I will receive a graphic that shows the result of your answers and will forward that to you by mail. 


2) Make the assignment on the document called GPI.

You will learn from this Module that you have many of strengths which you can use when you are positive and encouraged. And you will understand which weaknesses are dominant when you are fearful and discouraged.

The texts in red color give you Mantras for self-improvement.


The general lesson of this Module is that each person has strengths and weaknesses.


Being human means being imperfect! And in Adlerian Psychology we say:

"The greatest courage is in accepting one's own imperfections".


We are all good enough the way we are!





Email me if you have questions.

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