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Choose Your Future

Welcome to Module 5!
This exercise will help you see yourself into the future. It helps you to visualize your where you don't want to move towards and to set new intentions for better years ahead.
For doing this module you will need to put yourself in an invironment of mediation with no distractions and enough time.
This guided visualization can make you realize your shortcomings.
For example, it's easy to say "I can't", but once you become aware what "not believing you can" means for your future, you may want to reconsider your idea and replace them with intentions that come from your strengths.
Imagine how beliefs such as
- I'm not good enough
- I'm weak
- Others are better than me
- I'm a failure
- I'm small
can keep you from reaching your goals and feel great about yourself!
There is no reason for thinking of yourself as inferior!
Enjoy the journey this exercise takes you on.
Warm regards
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