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Welcome to Module 6!


Where do self-confidence and self-worth come from?

The answer is simple: it can only come from the way you see yourself!


If you choose to ignore, downplay or even deny your qualities, you will pay the price of not being aware of your value as a human being; hence you think with little self-integrity.

But if you choose to be conscious, acknowledge, and stand up for your qualities, you will live life with self-integrity.


You have trained yourself to see the negative in you, and on many occasions, you have even turned positives into negatives.


Self-confidence needs the awareness and appreciation you have in your strengths, and the more you are aware of them, the more you feel confident. We are often too worried about our weaknesses than honoring our strengths and qualities.


Encouragement is the antidote for insecurities, self-doubts, and inferiority complexes.

Encouragement is the act of looking towards your positive qualities, efforts, achievements and honoring them. That will give you the strength and courage to accept your imperfections.


Again, to condense this topic in two Adlerian definite concepts:

1. "Being human means feeling inferior."

2. "The greatest courage is to accept one's imperfections."


This Module is your beginning of a courage-building time of your life. 


I invite you to watch the video and to do this lovely exercise!

The file called: "The Feel-Good Assessment" will help you think of qualities that you may recognize in yourself. Maybe you need that list to make this exercise more powerful.



Email me if you have questions.

Bonus File:

The Feel-Good Assessment