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The way you speak is the way you feel.

Welcome to Module 8!


An easy way to achieve change about how you feel and how others feel about you is to choose your words wisely.


Your language reflects your thoughts, even if you think that your words should not be taken so seriously.

"I hate coffee without sugar", may seem like a statement that can't be taken so literally. When the listener would ask: "Do you really hate it?", they could receive the answer: "no, of course, I don't truly hate it, but I really don't like it." There is a big difference between hating and not liking.

I encourage you to be aware that what you speak is INSIDE YOU... and you keep the emotion active, even if that's not your conscious intention.


Read the document and learn the difference between the irrational and rational language.


The recording "stepping into commitment" can help you with taking the decision to change the way you talk by committing to the rational language. This exercise can help you with every commitment in life. Use it anytime in the future when you know commitment is needed for you to achieve higher goals.


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Stepping into Commitment - Martina Famos

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