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Step 1 in Positive Parenting

We're starting!

I congratulate you for having the courage to go on this journey with me!

Please view all the links sent to you on your computer. This pages are not mobile friendly and some objects could be missing or not diplayed correctly.

Your first assignment before our first session is to answer the

questions in the Clarity Support document; however, please know this is not mandatory, and you are free to answer the questions you want.

The second task is to fill out another questionnaire, which is online. This one helps me to understand your personality.

It is much better to discuss solutions for responding to your child that align with your personality. We want to find ways that feel natural to you and that you feel comfortable with and to offer you that guidance, I need to have a small insight into your individuality.

When filling out the questionnaire, please insert my email in the certified coach section to ensure the report will come to my inbox.


During this time you work with me, I highly encourage you only to read parenting books written by Adlerian Psychologists in case you would love to take on extra information

through reading.
Below is a document with a list of books I recommend.


I feel honored to start this journey with you, and I'm looking forward to our
first session.

My best regards.


Email me if you have a question regarding this exercise.

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