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Keep your consiousness level high to
create good results in your Life Tasks
Love, Occupation, and Community.

Dear Valued Client,

You have now reached a high level of consciousness.


In the past 4-5 month you have learned what your worst "gremlin" looks like.

It will be "on the road" with you for the next years to come.

You have also learned tools and ways to best deal with it.

Now I want to give you the opportunity to keep that gremlin under control over a longer period of time by making

your counter forces stable and solid.


You are safe from falling back where you were 4 months ago, but it's very possible that you don't yet have the

experience to recognize the different faces your gremlin can show. It's a solid companion that is not yet

ready to miss out on opportunities to make its impact! ;-)



During the Stability and Extension Program, we meet every month the first half of the year and every other month during the remaining 6 month. That makes a total of 9 meetings in 1 year.


The premium format will remain the same. Also, the investment doesn't change, calculated on 9 meetings with the care and the inspirations in between the sessions for 1'780 CHF.


You will learn more about how to stay close to your heart, how to confidently remain true to yourself, how to communicate your boundaries in a peaceful and accepting way, and how to deal with negative external influences.


It will be a great pleasure to see you during another year. Serving you is what I love doing and I will be very happy help you further extend your happiness and well-being.



See you soon!





Certified Adlerian Counselor

Kronenstrasse 48, 8006 Zürich

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