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Welcome to your Module No. 6!

In Adlerian Theory, talents are growing out of pressure. This means, that when we are children, we're under pressure to belong. To belong we act, which we do by showing what we are capable of. Of course, a child may copy talents others have (i.e. family memebers), or they create their own ones. Pressure makes us learn, to ultimately reach higher levels of performance. This is a healthy process.

However, some pressures may turn into fears. Parents potentially lift the fear levels by forcing pressure conducted their own fears. In that way, fears are passed on from parents to children, nonetheless, they may be manifested in different forms.

The thoughts I invite you to be busy with until we meet next time, is to think of the many different fears you are bothered by. You may want to list them, even if you realize how absurd they are in the moment you think of them.

To say good bye to demons, you first have to know them!

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