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Welcome to your Module No. 7!

Adlerians don't believe one is born with talents, or one has got talent through someone else. Talent is a choice, and a quote of Alfred Adler says:

"There is no such thing as talent. There is pressure."

Maybe you remember the module about the GPI, where you answered a questionnaire and we figured out how your priorities stay in relation to each other, the Busy, the Orderly, the Friendly, and the Easy-Going.

You have developed talents out of pressure; now in this module, I invite you to think of the one things you are good at (doing or being), versus the one things you love to do or be.

Sometimes we do things (in our profession, at home, or in our free time) that we are really good at, but we actually don't like to do them. And sometimes we don't do what we really love doing, as we think that is not of any value.

I have talent in organizing, and I was always the one in that position, regardeless if in the life task community, work, or love. It took me very long to realize, that I actually don't like being the organizer.

I invite you to make one list of what you are good at, and one list of what you love doing.
Go ahead and mention human skills as well, such as "listening", "good memory", "having patience", and not only skills such as "editing", "finding soutions", "selling".
You may also want to use the opinions of your loved ones to help you out in making your list.

This exercise is very good if you are :
- an entrepreneur and you want to put your value out there
- an employee and want to feel more reassured and confident about the unique values you bring to your employer
- not so sure if you are in the right job
- dreaming about making a living out of your hobby

- and of course to understand yourself again a bit better!