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Martina Famos - Stability & Extension

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Welcome to your Module No. 9!

Wow!!! We have gone a long way together.
We've met at least 20 times in a year and a half! Thank you so much for having stepped into my life! You've made my life richer, and you have contributed to my professional experience!

And: Congratulations!
I celebrate your commitment and your devotion!
You are awesome!!

And I am proud of you because you took the decision to invest in your self-growth without stopping yourself by fearing it could be too hard, not worth it, or even scary to look into the inside! You have made a courageous move!!

And what is courage as well?


- The biggest courage is to accept your imperfections!

- Courage is to say: "I am like this, you are like that. We don't have to be the same to be equal.

- It's courageous to not compare yourself! You don't have to be like others.

- Courage is to try something new and to acknowledge that trying is as worthy as achieving.

- Courage is to believe in yourself. To trust that you can meet challenges, that you are resilient, that you have enough qualities and strengths to keep yourself happy in life.

- But courage is also to accept failure.

- And courage is, of course, the self-permission to celebrate consciously your small and big achievements. To say: "Volià, Bravo!"

- Courage is to choose what is good for you. You don't have to, if you don't feel like, or if you believe something isn't for you.

- Courage is to say NO, and to say Yes too!

- And courage is to forgive yourself for the wrongs you did... because... closing the circle of what courage is: the biggest courage is to accept your imperfections!

And by all means, keep in mind that life is about phases! Some phases are easy, some are more difficult, but no phase represents life as a whole!

I'm looking forward to our last session of the Stability & Extension program.

Sincerely and thankfully,